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Empowermentwords from those who have taken our courses

I want to share my experience with anyone who's on the fence about taking this course... my interest in this course came from an understanding on how emotions can impact our bodies and emotional illness...

Katie A Deming MD

"Why is this happening to me again? I need help. I want to get better." I remember those thoughts swirling around my brain. I had had enough of feeling not good enough, needing the approval of others, and consumed with self doubt. Fortunately I discovered this personal development program. I was able to experience a life that I knew was available but not sure if it were possible for me. I feel so grateful and blessed that I've had the life changing experiences I've had through the weekend workshops. I gained connection with others, as well as new found belief in myself. I believe my work in the program really helped to turn my life around. I continue to use all the insights and coping strategies I learned all those years ago. As a therapist I even teach my clients some of the strategies I learned which continue to help me in my life today.

Michael B.

Prior to taking the personal development course, I was happy, successful, sober 23 years, and grateful every day for my friends and family. I was truly living a life beyond my wildest dreams. Even with all my successes, I had always felt like something was missing on the inside. I never felt 100% whole and complete. I wanted to truly experience what it meant to love myself and be free of childhood trauma that was holding me back. I enrolled in the course almost two years ago now and that was the greatest gift I could have ever given myself. Since I have been doing this work, I have connected with my little girl, released childhood shame, fear, guilt, and built deeper connections within my relationships with others. I have learned a sense of love and freedom that I never thought was possible. I have now since learned what it really means to live a life beyond my wildest dreams. I feel that wholeness within myself that I was always searching for outside of myself. I can’t say enough about the joy and love that I have experienced through this process. I look forward to continuously doing the work and growing.

Elisabeth W

The Personal Development Course 100% changed the trajectory of my life. It gave me the tools to look at the patterns I kept reliving in my life and identify why I continued to choose to play them out again and again. With those tools, I was able to make choices from an empowered place, not a place of fear, and stop the cycle of dysfunction that had been my norm. I have been able to take responsibility for my role in the choices I had made and learn to love and live from a place of empathy. I have seen an actual tangible change in my life. I went from a terrible marriage where I lacked boundaries and respect for myself which ended in divorce, to now, a beautiful relationship with love, kindness, mutual respect, and healthy boundaries. It has been the most satisfying work of my life and I will forever be grateful for the tools and unconditional support this course and the amazing community have given me.

Michelle M.

11 years ago, I walked into a transformational self-development course and it forever changed my life. I learned about my circle of belief system from childhood and how this belief system was affecting every aspect of my life in a negative way. I kept doing the same things repeatedly and was not understanding why. I had seen a therapist off and on since I was in my early 20's so I was not sure how "this" course was going to help me.

This course helped in ways that I had never understood before. I was introduced to the concept of my circle of belief system and how it was affecting my life as an adult. Learning how to communicate with my inner child and building a relationship with her that had not been there before was life changing. As a result, I have been able to heal old wounds as well as understand where they come from when I get triggered now. This has allowed me to thrive in every aspect of my life. I highly recommend taking this transformational self-development course it will change your life!

Kimberly G

Personal Development has changed my life. I used to suffer from anxiety, depression, and not understand my emotions. I was causing drama and chaos in my life without realizing I was part of the creation. Since taking this course I've learned to take responsibility, step into empowerment, and learn unconditional self love. I now have awareness of my choices and can express myself maturely. I highly recommend this course if you're feeling depressed or anxious. This program has a solution, happiness, joy and support.

Christy L.

I’ve been working on my personal growth for almost a decade. Going about it via books and therapy was great for the first couple of years, but what really propelled my life to the next level was the first of many personal development courses I took. The power of a large group and trained instructors to unstick the stuck cannot be overstated. My life is now filled with much more ease and grace than ever before, and while I still face challenges, my confidence to work through them is stronger than ever.

Joe L.

I can say without any hesitation that the personal development courses and my own my own work in personal development have absolutely changed my life! I am finally becoming the person that I want to be and that I am proud of, something I couldn’t conceive of before doing this work. As a result, I am showing up in my relationships in a more caring, compassionate and loving way. It certainly was a stretch for me, but the instructors, therapists and participants made me realize that I had a choice; to continue to suffer in my self-imposed prison of self-pity and fear, or step outside my comfort zone, become vulnerable and allow myself to be authentic. There was no other way for this to happen, trust me I tried every other way imaginable to get to the root of my depression and anger. The supportive, caring and honest people I have met on this journey are like no one else I had ever met, and they led me through the process of self-discovery with a consistent level of love and empathy that I needed to step out of my fear and into a life worth living.

Tony W.

5 1/2 years ago I didn’t love or respect myself. I couldn’t forgive myself for past mistakes And I was filled with shame and guilt about past decisions. The challenging personal development work I've done since then with the amazing support of the instructors/therapists of REAL and other amazing therapists has changed all that.

My life today is filled with unconditional self love, realistic self respect, personal accountability and complete (well, most of the time) self acceptance. My journey of growth will never end. How exciting is that.

Scott A.

I approached the course with some skepticism, but after a couple of hours on Friday, I felt at ease and comfortable enough to share my thoughts with honesty. The instructors' expertise and composure, the students' openness, and the assistants' compassionate support created an environment that was truly transformative. It was an enlightening and empowering experience, condensing years of therapy into a single weekend surrounded by such wonderful likeminded and spirited people.

Ellie S.

When you're ready for a weekend that will completely change your life in ways you could never imagine, there is no better place to be than with the incredible people in this organization who will completely give all of themselves to honor where you are and guide you into a new beautiful reality. I plan to stay connected and engaged with my new family for the rest of my life.

Mary J.

This course was so explorative into your past, present and for me how to navigate the future freeing myself from my personal obstacles. I took away so many great opportunities to make positive changes in my life. I left the weekend on a high and have already signed up for the advanced course. That says it all. I highly recommend investing in yourself!!

REAL Student

Coming to the REAL course as a students gives us the ability to come out of the darkness that keeps us behind our potential. An indescribable experience to let you out and get to the REAL YOU.

REAL Student

This course was one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. Being able to meet my inner self/child, talk to her, understand her and her emotions, release pent up anger that I had with loved ones, embrace my story my sadness and my shame, and step into my power, has been such a profound and enlightening experience. The instructors are wonderful and they truly make sure everyone feels heard and seen. Such a safe environment to experience the deepest parts of our selves. I never would have thought doing this work in a group would be so healing. Sharing my stories with others allows me to feel like I don't have to carry the weight of them alone.

Kat C.

I'm Z, when I took the course I was one of the youngest there so I felt a little out of place at first, but everyone is amazing and so friendly I felt so loved and welcome. While going through the course and after it I found it so relieving and eye-opening. I learned how to access all emotions again and let go of my past. I was able to understand it was never my fault for anything that happened and I saw I wasn't alone. I couldn't have asked for a better experience as it was just so amazing. I was pushed out of my comfort zone but I'm glad I was as I wouldn't have been brought to who I am today if I didn't.

REAL Student

I was going through some hard times and I knew that I had to make changes in my life. A friend shared with me The Real Course and felt this would help begin my journey to empower myself and to find self-love. After taking the course, I am committed and thrilled with meeting a whole new support group with no judgement.


My perspective on the REAL course is the willingness to take a deep look at yourself from all angles. It's not about being placated or pampered but rather it creates a safe and trusting place where honesty about your life, problems, issues, unresolved situations can be shared and rearranged. My takeaways were so powerful I am grateful for the individual that influenced me to take it and return as an assistant. One of the best experiences of my life.

REAL Student

The REAL course was like no other personal development work I have ever experienced before. Learning how to properly identify the emotions I am having, and be in emotional integrity with what I feel in the moments of being triggered is incredibly valuable. I am grateful for the safety that the instructors and assistants provided during the interactive exercises. It helped me to gain the ability to open myself up in an empowering way.


I was resistant to going and I know that usually means it is something I need. I went back and forth about going and finally surrendered and allowed and am so incredibly grateful that Idid. I had the most incredible breakthroughs. The staff is amazing and so supportive. It is so easy to get stuck and sometimes we need something like this to help us see through the clouds. I am incredibly grateful for the weekend and look forward to going back to support in the future for deeper awareness of self.

REAL Student

It was the best workshop I've ever attended in 35 years of workshops.

REAL Student

Easily one of the most transformative weekends of my life! I have done other forms of emotional work such as talk therapy and hypnotherapy, but the REAL Course was the only experience that has helped me tap into my inner child at a deeper level. Prior to the course I was conditioned to bury my feelings, as I was not encouraged to express them as a child. Thanks to this course I have learned how to tap into my emotions and feel my feelings. Hearing the stories and journeys of the other students and assistants helped further enhance my experience. After this course I feel like a new man! The entire REAL community was so welcoming. I can't wait to return as an assistant!! Thank you!


The tools I learned are immense, it took me almost a half a century to learn what I know and a 25 hours weekend for me to unlearn it and change myself.

REAL Student

The course will challenge you in ways you could never imagine. It is not for the faint or brave at heart. If you can humble yourself and not pass judgement you will get far more out of the experience than it will takes from you. "Find your Truth"

Ed W.

I enjoyed this course because it helped me recall and better cope with memories that I thought I had long forgotten. tI handed me back the power over my thoughts now when I recall those memories.


This was truly the most life-changing and worthwhile experience! It is hard to put it into words, but you will understand why once you've completed the course.


My name is Tania. The REAL COURSE taught me how to come out from hiding my feeling no matter what they are. It taught me, how to express myself when communicating, in a respectful way.


This course delivers profound transformation grounded in human connection and caring! Real people. Real tools. I feel the magic every time I come back to assist. It makes me proud to be a human being.


My name is Ally and this course changed my life! The initial weekend, I would describe it as kicking open the door to let the light in. And coming back to assist is kicking that door down. I've been assisting for 5 years and have learned so much more about how I show up in relationships and in the world and that I'm perfect just as I am! This course gives me a sense of community, safety, and love! And all the hugs you want.


I have been hearing about this course for the past 10 years or so from my best friend and finally was able to be a part of this experience. All I can say is this course is life changing and opened my eyes to healing I still had to walk through. I was able to do this vulnerable and necessary work surrounded by compassionate, loving, and supportive people who walked along side me in my journey! I met the most incredible people who I now consider extended family. I walk away with deeper self-love and self-worth knowing that Ih a v e choice and agency of my life! Such an empowering weekend! I am truly grateful!


This in-depth, life changing weekend experience is like no other. If you seek to meet your inner child and better understand yourself, give The REAL Course a try. The REAL community is inspiring, supportive and dedicated. Al aspects of the course can be used in your daily life. The after-course support is outstanding and the community is open and receiving to everybody! YOU are LOVEABLE!

REAL Student



The REAL Course gave me ways to understand my sadness, anger, shame, and fear. The instructors were thoughtful and skilled and led me to unfold my problems and address my emotions. I came in feeling ugly and left feeling lovable. That wouldn't have happened without the love and passion from the whole community.


An empowering experience that will help you reach the depths of your soul and begin your journey of healing towards a more fulfilling life. An amazing and unforgettable experience.


This weekend experience is built for anyone who was taught as a child not to feel their feelings. Little do most people know that so much of what compromises our mental health and adult relationships stems from unmet emotional needs during childhood. It has also taught me how to better understand with compassion how to identify with and empathize with others who have been struggling. The REAL Course completely transformed my life and helped me build the foundation to give my inner child his voice back! Thank you!


I would sincerely recommend this course to anyone who is looking to better themselves in any capacity. I feel refreshed and renewed. This course has allowed me to understand why I am the way I am, and it has given me tools to navigate life. I have a new lease on life and feel prepared for whatever life throws my way!

REAL Student

I am really honored that someone shared the information about this course with me. I was invited into a safe space that I didn’t know existed. I already feel my confidence showing up and I feel more connected with myself and others than ever before. I can’t wait to come back and assist.


I left this course feeling lighter, more powerful and filled with so much love.


I could not imagine my life having not done this course. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, but the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Every single thing about this course is so intentional, and so thought out. The safety, comfort, and compassion from everyone involved made going through the hardest experience of my life much easier. There is not a single person in the world that could not benefit from this experience.


Little boy, little girl, are you there? I’ve forgotten you for what’s more than half a century. Your reappearance through exhilarating exercise, conversations, deep new insight, and a mirror to reflect in, is a blessing. The course challenged my mind, body and soul. In the end, the happiness, love, and peace I feel are life changing.

REAL Student

I’m Naby and I’m so very happy to have taken the REAL course. I found myself again and worked through so many emotions/ feelings that I didn’t know how to handle. So many “aha”moments thanks to this amazing and magical course. Thank you all for helping me believe in myself again and see the beauty in others. Thank you for giving me the tools to cope better and to take care of myself and my inner child.