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Mission, Philosophy, and Core Beliefs

We are a community of individuals who join together to promote excellence in personal and interpersonal growth and development. We design and conduct courses, workshops, and other activities to encourage the best in all of us – the best version of ourselves, personal empowerment and integrity, healthy and loving relationships, and enlightened communities.

We are bound together with love, responsibility, and accountability. Our goal is to advocate and teach these concepts based on many years’ experience as counselors, therapists, instructors, and as individuals who have walked the walk. The founders of this program have consistently pursued their own personal growth in experiential workshops and therapy. We hold ourselves accountable so that we can educate and support others who wish to traverse this path of human enlightenment.

Our Objectives for Personal and Relational Transformation:

  • Provide supportive, non-judgmental, experiential learning environments for individuals, couples, families, and groups.
  • Workshops and courses are emotionally focused and emphasize 1) uncovering and changing self-defeating beliefs; 2) identifying and changing negative behavior patterns based in unresolved childhood injuries; and 3) understanding feelings and emotional reactions, with the goal of healthy emotional management.
  • We endeavor to provide affordable programs to everyone without regard to race, ethnicity, religion, or gender.
  • All courses and workshops have goals that include the advancement of personal empowerment and integrity, emotional and social intelligence, personal and relational effectiveness and success, and transformative groups and communities.
  • Create solutions for families, organizations, and corporations using proven tools for success, partnership, and teamwork.
  • Workshops for couples, married or unmarried, are designed to create and enhance safe, trusting, loving partnerships.

Our core beliefs include:

  • With all people we will practice unconditional, non-judgmental acceptance and positive regard.
  • We build and maintain loving connections based in safety, trust, equality, and partnership.
  • All persons are treated as equals, and we practice diversity and inclusion.
  • The highest level of adult functioning is both loving and responsible. Children and adolescents can be taught love and responsibility.
  • Our childhood injuries tend to be recreated in our adult lives (these injuries include abandonment, emotional and physical abuse, overprotection and enabling).
  • Healing, personal, and relational growth is promoted in an atmosphere of open, inquisitive, empathic, and compassionate guidance and support.
  • Love is a verb. Love requires active participation and practice. Love is created in an atmosphere of safety and trust. Love can be learned. Love is open and vulnerable.
  • To love and be loved is a universal goal.
  • We can challenge, even confront each-other safely in an atmosphere of non-judgmental empathy and compassion.
  • Childhood trauma is universal. Trauma includes all levels of neglect, abandonment, emotional and physical abuse. There are small traumas and big traumas. All trauma has lasting effects on the child.
  • Trauma is healed with love, understanding, and a commitment to face the truth. Our adult self is capable of loving and reparenting our inner child.
  • Everyone has internal parts, such as the inner child, a teenager, and an inner critic. The goal is to place the loving and responsible adult self in charge.
  • Positive change in life is always possible. Positive change includes the way we think, what we believe, and proactive behavior patterns.
  • Our belief systems create a story that is counterproductive. We can create a new story with new beliefs, and we can act on our best intentions.
  • Emotional integrity. Integrity is achieved when our emotions, actions, beliefs, and behavior are congruent.
  • Emotions – feelings – are the life blood of our humanity. Normal feelings of anger, sadness, joy, shame, and fear help us to understand the past and create success in the present and future. All feelings are worthwhile and a potential source of learning, connection, and growth.
  • Human beings are resilient. They are flexible, adaptive, and capable of self-care, awareness, insight, cooperation, partnership, and teamwork.