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Our Instructors / Managers

Mark Levinsky
R·E·A·L Certified Instructor

Mark Levinsky

Mark attended his first personal development workshop in March 2011 and quickly realized the power of experiential work. Over one weekend he gained so much more compared to traditional psychotherapy. With a hunger for more, Mark took additional courses. Each course offered another layer of growth as he tested his limits and pushed past resistance. These courses were a life changer both personally and professionally. For this, he is eternally grateful.

Mark began taking a leadership role in personal development shortly after his first course. By giving back first as an assistant and then a therapist, he was gaining so much more. Rarely did he miss a weekend. Always in awe of the massive change occurring right before him. He decided to train to become an instructor and was certified in 2014. Since then, Mark has taught and assisted in varying levels of courses countless times.

As a psychotherapist, Mark has been supporting, advising and transforming others since 1986. He has knowledge and experience in both the mental health and addiction recovery communities. He enjoys working with individuals on breaking the chains of childhood events; working with men on emotional vulnerability and connection; working with couples on understanding and repairing their reactive dance patterns. He is trained in EMDR - a technique for trauma resolution; and is also trained as a clinical anxiety treatment professional.

As a life coach, Mark developed a coaching program: Intentional Living. This program offers a workbook and various options designed to assist one in discovering their life purpose, creating a vision of a fully lived life, and living their stated life intentionally.

Mark has been living in South Florida since 1978. He is married to a wonderfully supportive and understanding woman. Together they coparent their humanlike Dachshund. Mark enjoys reading both personally and professionally, going to the beach, sitcoms and is a big football fan.

Stephanie Savo, LMHC, LC
R·E·A·L Certified Instructor

Stephanie Savo

Stephanie started her personal development journey in June 2014 when she took this course as a student. She went on to take advanced courses and began coaching advanced. Stephanie has seen the impact this course has had on her own life but most important the lives of others. There's something magical that happens ni each course and ti kept her coming back consistently for more than a year. Stephanie cherishes the community that is created based on love and acceptance.

This course has pushed Stephanie personally and professionally and allowed her to lean into fear in a way that created exponential change. It's helped her create authentic and meaningful connections that were beyond her imagination in the past.
Stephanie is a licensed mental health counselor who works with teens and adults. She has been working with adolescents and adults who experience depression, anxiety, trauma, olw self-esteem and worth, lack of identity and individuality, and who want to be empowered.

Stephanie was born and raised in Connecticut but left the snow for sun and beaches nearly twenty-four years ago and is happy to call Florida home. She loves being active and spending time with her boyfriend and his daughters, family and friends. Stephanie enjoys reading, traveling, watching cheesy tv/movies, and going to Heat games.

Randy Amodio
R·E·A·L Certified Instructor

Randy Amodio

Randy has been a full-time personal coach and instructor since 2013 and coaches individuals, groups and is currently an instructor at The REAL Courses TLC Foundation Course, Advance Course and Instructor Training Course.

Randy is a successful business owner in South Florida for over 40 years. He developed a passion for personal improvement and emotional curiosity in the mid 1990’s.

After attending a personal development course, he became involved as a facilitator first and soon became involved at the leadership level. Adopting a love for group work and coaching he made the decision in the early 2000s to become a coach and instructor at The Living Course.

Attending the advanced and leadership training at The Living Course he began coaching the Advanced Course and instructing TLC course in addition to individual clients and men’s group coaching.

Randy was born in New Jersey. He moved to Florida in 1978. In addition to teaching and coaching, he enjoys watching football (he is a lifelong Miami Dolphins fan), travelling and spending time with his family.

Christine Logan
R·E·A·L Course Manager

Christine Logan

Christine began her personal development work in 2010. After many years of feeling unsettled inside her heart and mind, courses like REAL allowed her to overcome her own challenges, breaking free of limiting beliefs and patterns that were no longer serving her adult life. Inspired by her own transformation, she decided to take on more leadership roles to give back to the community that had such a profound impact on her life. Her aim is to continuously improve the logistics of REAL courses and support the mission of empowering individuals to live their best lives.

Christine’s roots are in New Jersey, her life is in South Florida, and her heart is however spent many years as an educator in The Czech Republic. She is an avid traveler and enjoys learning about new cultures, traditions, and the people that make up this beautiful planet. She has completed several marathons and enjoys pushing her limits through hiking and other outdoor activities. Her two loves are her cats, Mala and Miles.